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Online SMS Portal Secure Web-based API On-site installation with a variety of integration options



  • Enterprises
  • Banks Media
  • Outlets
  • Major Airlines
  • Travel Agencies
  • Health Care Providers
  • Large Consumer Websites
  • Retailers
  • E-Commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Financial Institutions




Personalize the customer experience.

Reach anyone anywhere.

Get conversational.

Boost engagement.

95% Read Rate

SMS’s are read 4.2 times more than Email







Account Notifications

Transaction-based alerts for banking, eCommerce, and on-demand services


Appointment Reminders

Send appointment reminders from your CRM.

Today’s customers are always on the move and need fast and reliable information from businesses and services they interact with. Sending quick reminders can help you improve customers’ perception of your company.


Dispatch notifications

Allow customers to track deliveries.


SMS marketing boosts sales

Market new products and services directly through SMS and increase purchase rate.


Keep customers up to date

Keep your loyal customers in the loop and make them feel important.


App downloads

Include a link in your message that directs a user to your app in the app store.

Send alerts if there is some problem your clients should be aware.

In case of customer’s service issue that can have a direct impact on your clients, you can quickly inform them to avoid possible inconveniences. People will appreciate such information since they are helpful and prevent misunderstandings.


Mobile Sites

Drive traffic to your mobile site with a link in your message.



Encourage customers to purchase your product or service by sending them voucher codes.




Authentication services

Two-factor authentication services to fight fraudulent activity.


Customer loyalty services

Send digital receipts, loyalty program updates, and promotional offers.


Customer support

Log customer support queries.


Customer Feedback

Ask customers for their feedback after they have interacted with your organisation.


What Is MMS?

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is one of two standards of mobile messaging (SMS is the other). While SMS was built to send short messages, MMS focuses on sending multimedia messages.


What Can MMS be used for?

Campaigns Services Sales & Much more MMS can be used for visually Advertising:

  • Campaigns
  • Services
  • Sales
  • & Much more

Insurance companies use MMS to send Policy documents.

Municipalities are using it to send Statements to their Customers.

Retailers use it for Scannable coupon codes, Videos & Product Images.


MMS Marketing

MMS marketing is a way to interact with your customer base & prospects using multimedia messaging. The form of images is frequently used but it can also be used to send video files, phone contacts & audio files.


Benefits of Using MMS

  1. No extra software, no new opt-in list.
  2. MMS messages can contain an unlimited number of characters, along with pictures and/or video content.
  3. Massive penetration as it works on all handsets.
  4. Reporting & Analytics (See how many got delivered & retrieved by the end user).
  5. Tell a longer and better story (unlike SMS, MMS requires no abbreviation as they do not have the same character limits).
  6. Incredibly cost-effective (MMS delivers high benefits – only marginally more expensive than SMS and more effective than email or other channels.).
  7. SMS/MMS have open rates of 98%

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